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5 Best Things To Do around Macedon with Kids in 2024

Family flying a kite and having a picnic with Hanging Rock in the background
Ralfas Jegorovas
Ralfas Jegorovas
Mount Macedon from the Air.

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An hour's drive into the hills North West of Melbourne you'll find the trendy town of Macedon. Macedon itself is a small town with relatively few tourist attractions beyond the mountain, but it's surrounded by tourist destinations in all directions making it a great basecamp.

Once you're inspired to visit Macedon – then lock in the best family-friendly accommodation in Macedon for your holiday.

Image: DMR Tourism

5 best things to do around Macedon with kids in 2024

1. Enjoy the views from Mount Macedon

Mount Macedon offers stunning views over Macedon and the plains around the ranges.

The most popular views (and photos) are from the Memorial Cross at the summit of Mt Macedon; a 15 min drive from the town centre.

View from Mount Macedon Lookout.

Mount Macedon Lookout (Image: Philip Mallis/Flickr CCBYSA2.0)

Close up of owl

Owl at Mount Macedon (Image: DMR Tourism)

2. See and pet the cutest farm animals at an animal sanctuary

Edgar's Mission is a not-for-profit sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Lancefield. They offer tours where you can see and pet some of the animals, including lambs, chickens, and pigs.

Chickens at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

Chickens at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

The shorter tours are free (but encourage a worthwhile donation), while the paid tours are longer and have smaller groups. Make sure you book a tour ahead of time as there is no general admission other than with a tour.

Pig foraging for food at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

Pig foraging for food at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

Piglet having a drink at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

Piglet having a drink at Edgar's Mission, Lancefield

3. Walk around Hanging Rock and picnic with the kangaroos

Hanging Rock is a popular day trip destination from Melbourne, but is even more accessible from a Macedon stay. The base of Hanging Rock is a popular picnic site for people and wildlife, so much so, that you'll find wandering emus looking to nab an unattended lunch.

The summit walk is quite steep at sections and will take at least an hour return, likely longer, with kids. The summit has great views and offers a fun place to play and climb.

Reflection of Hanging Rock, Macedon.

Reflection of Hanging Rock, Macedon (Image: pen_ash/Pixabay)

Kangaroo laying on grass

Kangaroo at Hanging Rock, Macedon (Image: Alan Samuel/Flickr CCBY2.0)

Kangaroo laying on grass next to chairs and tables at cafe

Kangaroo at Hanging Rock Cafe, Macedon (Image: Alan Samuel/Flickr CCBY2.0)

4. Enjoy the most delicious baked goods in Trentham

RedBeard Bakery in Trentham – 25 mins away from Macedon – bakes sourdough bread and pastries using artisan woodfired methods. The resulting product will make Trentham a regular stop on any drive in the Macedon Ranges.

The Bakery has a small cafe and tends to sell out of the most popular bread early in the day, so get there early.

5. See the Trentham Falls waterfall

Slightly to the north of Trentham, on the aptly named Trentham Scenic Reserve Road, you'll find the wonderful Trentham Falls on the Coliban River. This is a great spot for a picnic on a hot day, or for a dramatic photo after heavy rain.

Waterfall at Trentham Falls, Trentham.

Trentham Falls, Trentham (Image: Rexness/Flickr CCBY2.0)

Frequently asked about Macedon

What is the main street in Macedon?

The main street in Macedon is Victoria Street which runs next to the Macedon train station. On Victoria Street, you'll find the local IGA and the popular Mr. Cafe Macedon.

Things to see and do in Macedon

Playgrounds & Activities

  • Hanging Rock Summit Walk

  • Ash Wednesday Park Playground

  • JD Clifford Reserve Playground

  • Stanley Park Playground

  • Woodend Children's Park

  • Living Legends at Greenvale

Girl patting the face of a brown and white horse

Pat and ride the horses at Living Legends, Greenvale (Image: DMR Tourism)

Parks & Botanical Gardens

Mount Macedon from the Air.

Mount Macedon from the Air (Image: Bob T/Wikimedia CCBYSA4.0)

  • Hanging Rock

  • Macedon Regional Park

  • Forest Glade Gardens

  • Gardens of Tieve Tara

  • Wombat State Forest

  • Lerderderg State Park

Tieve Tara Garden Lake, Macedon with Lake and Waterlilies.

Tieve Tara Garden Lake, Macedon (Image: denisbin/Flickr CCBYND2.0)

Art Galleries & Sight-seeing

  • Mount Macedon Memorial Cross

  • Bakery Lane Gallery

  • The Gallery Mount Macedon

  • Little Gallery

  • Trentham Falls, Coliban River

See the impressive waterfall at Trentham Falls on Coliban River.

Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs

  • Mr. Cafe Macedon

  • Mount Macedon Winery, Restaurant & Cellar Door

  • Mount Towrong Vineyard

  • RedBeard Bakery, Trentham

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