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Family Holidays in Victoria

Family running along the bridge in front of the ocean at Stingray Bay.
Ralfas Jegorovas
Ralfas Jegorovas

When it comes to a long break away from childcare and school, Victoria doesn't disappoint! Check out our picks for spending a full week away from home.

All of the destinations below are more than 2 hours away from Melbourne. Check out our weekend guide for destinations closer to Melbourne. Or if you're heading into Melbourne, see the most popular places Aussies visit.

These destinations have all of the amenities a family could need: cafes, beaches, watersports, fishing, accommodation ranging from budget, caravan and luxury. Some follow the path of the Great Ocean Road, while others head east from Melbourne.

Sea-Side Towns

When you're after a holiday that's slightly less frenzied than the most popular destinations, but still want beach and sea-side activities, then this may be the list for you!

  • Cape Paterson

  • Port Albert

  • Wye River

  • Kennett River

  • Skenes Creek

  • Marengo

  • Port Campbell

  • Port Fairy

  • Portland

  • Warrnambool

Relaxing Riverside Retreats

These towns have the added bonus of river-based activities and sightseeing. Think boating, paddle-steamers, fishing, and relaxing while watching the river flow.

Inland Getaways

For a town that may not have a beach, but has plenty of relaxing country character, and plenty of tourist amenities, try this list:

Last Minute Holiday Park Escapes

Need a break, but haven't booked anything yet? Check-out our last minute availability finder for cabins and caravan sites at Big4 Holiday Parks in Victoria.

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